How it works

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     Release of Quotations

    The purchasing platform gives quick and automated access to thousands of suppliers of medicines and medical-hospital supplies, diets, hygiene, cleaning, PPE, trousseau, food, office supplies, computers, maintenance material, etc.

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     Supplier Offers

    With each new quote, suppliers receive an email notification to make their offers via computer or smartphone. The buyer no longer needs to make spreadsheets with proposals received by e-mail, telephone or in a meeting. In a few minutes, after the publication of the quote, the offers begin to appear in the system, in an easy-to-analyze quote map. The deadline for suppliers to respond is set by the buyer.

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     Analysis and Generation of Purchase Orders

    The purchasing platform Map displays the prices in the ranking format, In addition to management information such as: Delivery Time, Business Conditions, Hospital Standardization, Refund Tables, Supplier History, Brand Quality, etc. For each product, the buyer chooses the winning brands and suppliers. The system automatically separates items by supplier and sends electronic orders with notice via e-mail.

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      Delivery Tracking

    Suppliers confirm receipt and shipping of the order and billing data in the system for the buyer to track delivery. If a product is missing, the system sends a notice to the buyer by e-mail, facilitating its control.

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    Management reports makes it possible to maitain a high level of control: ABC curve, purchase by suppliers, historical evolution of prices, etc.

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     Contract management

    The Platform also manages supply contracts. In these cases, it is not necessary to go through the quotation process: the system automatically creates Purchase orders based on pre-negotiated price lists.

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     Integration between systems

    The Síntese's platform is integrated with all market management systems: SAP, Totvs, MV, Smart, Tasy, Agfa, Pyramid, Incoway, MCJ, Salux, SP Data, Visual Wing, Aptools, Gemmius, Philips healthcare, etc.

Exclusive Features

Our solutions have been created by specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​hospital supplies. Innovating to meet all your needs is our motto.

More simple and friendly

Our system has the best interface in the market, it is extremely intuitive. It is easy to use and this is particularly important for vendors who need dispatch in their operations and often find it difficult to handle less friendly platforms.

Free of charge for Suppliers

Suppliers do not need to pay annuity nor buyers Invite suppliers. The vendor can create as many users as they want without cost.

Multi-Brand Quotation

The same supplier can quote several brands, each with a different price. Example:

Meropenem Amp. bottle 1g.
  • Provider X – Brand A – Generic – US$ 7,00
  • Provider X – Brand B – Meronem (Ref.) – US$ 10,00

Multi-Packaging Quotation

The supplier may quote packages with different prices for the same product. Example:

Dipirona sódica 500 mg
  • Provider X – Brand A – Pack with 20 tablets. – US$ 0,03
  • Provider X – Brand B – Pack with 500 tablets. – US$ 0,02

Purchase Division

The buyer can divide the purchase of a product between several suppliers. Example: Of a total of 1,000 units, It is possible to acquire 200 from a more expensive distributor who delivers quickly and 800 from the manufacturer with lower price and longer lead time.

Automatic Rounding

The system automatically adjusts quantities according to the multiple of packaging worked by the supplier.                                Example:                                Requested quantity 1000 / multiple supplier packaging box with 12 und. => Suggested automatic rounding for 996 units.

Chat On Line and Sending Messages

It streamlines and registers communications among Platform users to negotiate, request information, borrow a product, offer used equipment for sale, increase networking, etc.

Closing of the quotation

Possibility to hasten the closing of a quotation.

Branding Standardization Management

The system automatically records your brand ranking.

Information Sharing

Buyers can share their technical appraisals by product and brand.

Advanced Management of Suppliers Cadastral Documentation

The system allows you to configure by product group which documents are required. The system issues alerts or even automatically blocks irregular suppliers.

Class of Medicines

Type information of each drug on the Map (similar, generic, referenced or manipulated).

Supplier Catalog

The system automatically memorizes the line of products and brands worked by each supplier works with.                               This feature reduces the time required to respond to a quote by up to 80% and increases supplier participation.

Technical evaluation

The buyer may ask the requester for a Technical Evaluation of the offers, choosing which Information will be released to it (supplier name, prices, etc.).

Valuation of Requisitions

The system automatically assigns a reference value to each product of the request, based on the history of the company or the market, according to your company's preference.

Group Purchasing Module

The system offers advanced options for group trades: Alignment of separate product registrations (You/From - To), individual standardization, Flexibility in choosing winner suppliers and in the arragement of individual purchase orders.

More complete integration

The system has Web Service integration technology (automated) with the main ERPs of the Market, and you can enter additional information on your quotation map, such as: average Stock of each product, etc.

Independent access management

The creation and management of logins and accesses can be done autonomously by the master user of your company.

Adaptive and User-adjustable

The system adapts to the needs of your company. New reports can be developed according to your needs.

Non-Conformance Registration

Failures in service are recorded in the system for qualification of suppliers. Those that offer the best service are always highlighted. This module was developed in partnership with IBES - Brazilian Institute of Excellence in Health, certifying body of the ONA of great relevance in the market.

CMMI / SVC International Certification

This certification represents the highest distinction for a computer company and guarantees the quality of its service delivery.


Extraordinarily modern.

The technologies used for development support the high level of operational resources offered, besides allowing high flexibility for consonstant innovation and expansion, also reducing operating costs. With the qualification "Full Cross Browsers", we guarantee the compatibility of the system with the main Market browsers PC's, Tablet's and Smartphones: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (Apple), Opera, etc.

Technical maintenance of the Platform includes:

  •   It is safe and reliable, our environment uses SSL Certificate, thus ensuring that all data between the web browser and the server is encrypted.
  •   Hosting a High Security Data Center;
  •   24/7 performance and stability monitoring for maximum availability;
  •   Periodic Database Maintenance, including daily backups;
  •   Online mirroring of data with high redundancy of servers and links;
  •   High-level protection policies against viruses and attacks.

Services and Solutions

We offer the best...
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Advantages for Buyers

The company's supply department can focus on a more strategic operation, tighten the relationship with its trading partners and conduct good business.

Price Reduction

Economy of 5 to 20%


Clearness and Control

Unbiased and auditable information. System in the cloud.


More Productivity

Decrease in time in purchasing processes.

Largest Variety of Brands and Manufacturers

Access to a portfolio of thousands of suppliers.

How about modernizing your process?

Pitstop - Plataforma Síntese Revolution

Pitstop - Plataforma Síntese Revolution

Publicado por Síntese - Business To Business

Advantages for Suppliers

We understand that your purchasing platform must also include all the needs of suppliers. Hundreds of vendors participated in the development and the process of ongoing improvement of the tool to achieve this.

Increase in billing

Using the platform provides access to new customers across the country and increased revenue.

Reduced operating cost

Easy to use and extremely productive, the platform automates processes, avoids billing errors, and brings productivity gains of up to 400%. The Platform can be integrated with the supplier's ERP, further automating the quotation process.


Thanks to the definition of flows and the traceability of the actions carried out, the buying and selling process becomes clearer, benefiting the suppliers with the highest performance quality.

Free access

Suppliers have free access to the Síntese's platform. There is no fixed monthly fee or commission on sales made. The vendor can request to create as many users as needed at no cost.

Strategic management

Síntese's central product and brand registration system and the preparation of the Big Data platform enable advanced information management. Therefore, if wanted or needed to, the supplier could acquire exclusive reports: participation reports and results of the quotation, managerial reports, analysis of market potential, market shares, etc.

Who we are?

Mission: Develop and market software services for the healthcare sector, which contribute to productivity, efficiency, control, transparency and cost reduction for our clients;
Vision: Become the largest company in its segment in Latin America and benchmark the market in terms of quality until 2022;
Values: Efficiency, innovation, ethics and personalized service.

We started our activities in 2001 as a Purchasing Center and Specialized Consulting in Hospital Supplies. In a few years, we acquired a leading position and started to serve the largest hospitals in Recife: Santa Joana, IMIP, Jayme da Fonte, Santa Casa, etc.

In 2008, always innovating, we launched a Cloud Shopping Platform, which allows each purchasing company to negotiate directly with thousands of suppliers throughout Brazil. This tool, the most modern in Brazil, represents a milestone in corporate electronic purchases and opened the doors of the national market.

In 2010, the expansion of our area of operation to the entire Brazilian territory: São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, and so forth.

We are awarded the CMMI Level 2 International Certification in 2015. This certification represents the highest distinction for a computer company and guarantees the quality of its service delivery.

In 2017, we launched the Síntese Revolution in order to provide our custumers with even more technology and exclusive features.

Beginning of our activities as a purchasing center and specialized consulting

Launch the platform in the cloud

Expansion of the area of operation in national territory

CMMI / SVC International Certificate

Síntese Revolution


Billion in transactions per year

Years of experience



Brazilian states present

% Economy we can bring to your business

% Increased productivity in the purchasing process


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